Pick Our Cats' Names

As you may have heard, Sean and I [Jason] have wanted cats. The time has come for their naming ceremonies. We have, however, one problem -- we need names for them. Below are pictures of the two felines. Type in your suggestions in the text boxes below. Multiple names are allowed. Stupid names like Fluffy and Furball will be ignored. After a few days, we'll cull out the best of the best and let you, the viewer, decide.

Entries must arrive before 23:59:59 Friday 17 May 2002 UTC-4. It is currently 05:44:55 Friday 07 Oct 2022 UTC-4.

The first round has ended. Proceed to round 2.

Biometrics: Female, medium hair, 1 year old, a bit on the smaller side.
Behavior: A bit shy around strangers, calm, aloof to the world about her.
Your suggestion(s):

Biometrics: Male, short hair, 2 years old, medium build.
Behavior: Likes head rubs, high-strung, very vocal (meows a lot).
Your suggestion(s):

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