Status of WCF Foosball Site

When I began these pages in early January, I had envisioned it to be a low-traffic area. People e-mail me results of foosball games, I add it to the database, and everything is a-okay. But since then, I've been expanding the content in response to frequent requests. The online submission forms (for both new games and new teams) was the most asked. Phase two of Foosball Online! (as I've been calling it) will consist of:

So hold your horses. I'll announce these new capabilities as they become available.

Update 27 Jan 2000

WCF Foosball Analyzer v1.5 is now in effect. Much of the code has been rewritten and gasp! documented. Furthermore, the equations calculating ratings has been slightly modified in response to suggestions by the players. Hopefully the new scores better reflect each person's performance.

Update 30 Jan 2000

It didn't take long before Analyzer v1.6 arrived. This fixes a very nasty bug where before, a player who won even one game could not lose rating points. Now:
  1. A player who wins zero games cannot gain points, and
  2. A player who loses zero games cannot lose points.
Hopefully this makes sense.

Last modified 30 Jan 2000.
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